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They say that the way to heart goes through the stomach and it kind of just got proved by my recent food experience. Considering my work, eating out is happening almost every second day for me so it doesn’t really excite me anymore. In fact, it is the smell of home cooked food that turns me on the most. The fact that all the spices in the delicacy have been grinded especially for you, makes you feel so special. Isn’t it!

Well my recent food exploration touched a new height as I ordered the food from the recently opened delivery outlet The Punjab Kitchen. Just as exciting the name sounds and one can feel the flavors of Punjab as soon as you hear the name of the outlet. I was delighted to see the menu as it offered an array of dishes and as I tasted the food I was sure that The Punjab kitchen deserves a special mention for sure.
The Punjab kitchen is based out of Gurugram and currently only serving the residents of Gurugram . The good news is considering the number of happy customers they have, they might soon expand to new Delhi as well. The Punjab kitchen is run by Ekta Gogia who started this outlet to please her passion for food making. Being a house wife herself for number of years she realizes the importance of home cooked food and hence as she started The Punjab kitchen, she promised herself that The Punjab kitchen will always maintain the quality of home cooked food. It is a treat especially for those people who are living away from the family and miss out on Home cooked food. The Punjab kitchen by Ekta Gogia not only serves food but always serves a bit of mother’s love in each bite that one takes.
One thing which struck me while I ordered my food from The Punjab kitchen is the wide variety of cuisines from Punjab . They are not just stuck to a typical Dal makhani or butter chicken but gone ahead to experiment with dishes like bharwa baigan , karari bhindi and many more. Well, coming back to my order, since we were 4 people, we decided to order 4 plates of Signature thali which looked extremely fulfilling for hungry us. The food came well on time and was steaming hot to my surprise. The thali looked neat and pretty and had a really good variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes along with a sweet dish to tickle your tongue. The Signature Thali is perfectly priced at 250 INR which is totally worth it for the quantity and quality of it.
Here’s my reason why The Punjab Kitchen totally rocks :
1. This delivery outlet is passion drive and therefore the quality check is maintained.
2. All the spices used in cooking are home-made.
3. One can even order on weekly or monthly basis from the Punjab Kitchen.
4. The food menu changes every week so all the Thali Lovers out there can get ready to experience a different Thali each time they order from The Punjab Kitchen.

By The Way : Apart from The signature Thali, They offer amazing Chicken Kaali Mirch and Paneer makhni too. In fact, the desi flavor of Lassi offered by The punjab kitchen is not to be missed for sure.
Enjoy the pictures now

The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab KitchenThe Punjab Kitchen The Punjab Kitchen The Punjab KitchenThe Punjab Kitchen

I am sure by now you all are drooling over the beauty of the food that they make. I think it is time to order a meal for yourself.
You can call them at : +91 7042974938 Or you even visit the website
Do let me know your experience as you finish your meal from The Punjab Kitchen.
Lots and lots of love to all of you 

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