How To Be Summer Ready

How To Be Summer Ready

There is something between the weather and the state of mind. Don’t you think so!!! If there hasn’t been sunshine for good number of day, we feel so gloomy and honestly that is one of the reasons why I never really liked winters. I am so grateful to have born here for I don’t need to go through the pain of winters all through-out the year. Although summers are my favorite but the fact remains this season is not at all easy to deal with. It is a tough nut to crack and to enjoy it to the tee, one has to know how to be summer ready.

Well every season comes with its own pros and cons and to maintain my love for summers I better prepare myself in advance. So here are the list of things that we all go to do so as to make sure that we are ready to face the summers with the broadest of smile :

*Water Yourself: Well this one goes without saying but it’s the most important point if you following a checklist on how to be summer ready. Make a rule to finish At least 12 glasses of water before you hit the bed and this rule applies even if you are home the entire day. Put a reminder in your phone or write in down in your diary but water is the most essential to our body to combat the heat of summers and keep you up and about for the good life ahead.

*Wrap yourself: You got to wrap yourself not only in winters but in Summers too. Invest in a good quality scarf; something which light, bright and cottony. Well the idea here is to look stylish as well as protect yourself. A nice floral cotton Scarf is the best thing you can put around on your head to make sure that the summer heat doesn’t interfere with your hair as well as mind.

*Sunscreen Yourself: It’s a must have for all the seasons but for summer, nothing will shield you like a sunscreen. And mind you, we should be using different sunscreen on different body part. Your face and neck require more sensitive & milder sunscreen lotion whereas your hands, legs need a stronger and thicker version of sunscreen.

*Cotton Yourself :Cotton is THE FABRIC for the summers. It is a natural fabric and has a tendency of absorbing sweat. Also, It is a breathing fabric and hence the air to pass through and therefore allowing your body to remain cool even during highest of temperature.

*Fruit Yourself: Get into a habit of eating at least one summer fruit everyday. Summer fruits like watermelon, melon, peach, plum, lychee, berries will keep the body temperature in control.

*Mist yourself: This one is especially required for your face. How often do you feel drained out in summers? A good face mist solves this issue of yours. There are number of face mists available in the market and you can choose according to your skin type. The idea behind the face mist is to provide the much-needed hydration to your face and also put a cap on oil secretion glands of your face. Carry a small bottle of face mist in your bag and spray it as and when required.

*Glass yourself: Good Sunglasses with UV protection is not only important for your style quotient but also good for your eyes. Don’t give undue pressure to your eyes by not wearing über cool shades this summer.

*Moisturize yourself: Summers do make your skin oily and greasy but that doesn’t mean that you stop moisturizing yourself. Your skin always needs hydration. Try putting a thin layer of moisturizer under your sunscreen lotion and do use a good moisturizing night cream. A good night cream will prepare your skin for the next summery day and also replenish it while you sleep.

*Scrub yourself: A good scrub for your face or body is a good way to open up all the pores and scrub away the dirt. Scrub your hands, your feet, in-between your toes, nape of your neck and all those areas which are slightly out of focus. It is not just important for the bodily hygiene but also freshens up your mental state.

*Healthify yourself: It is important to do light exercise during summers to release the toxins produced in our body due the severe heat. However, make sure to wear breezy and comfortable fabric while you sweat else there will be more harm and less good.

*Smell yourself: Well yes, unless you do this you won’t know that we all need to use a good deodorant. It is a must for summers not only because of the fragrance but it kills the bacteria developing due to  excessive sweating.

*Ice yourself: For a week do this exercise, start using ice on your face and neck. Do wrap the ice in a wash cloth or cotton and gently rub it all over your face, place it over your eyes for 20 seconds and rest. A week of doing this , and you are sure to follow this for rest of your life.

Start following these tips to make sure that you are summer ready this season . These small slightest of changes will ensure that you are at your best even during the heat of summers.

Do comment below to let me know if you liked my list on how to be summer ready.

Lots and lots of summer love to all the sassy ones out there.






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