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Recently, I was invited by Colorbar at the launch of their Colorbar Nail Lacquer review. Such a wide variety of nail colors that i was actually taken aback for a while. With this new launched Nail lacquer range, Colorbar has added 60 new shades in their kitty. Well, This definitely calls for a quick review blog, so that you guys can decide your next destination for buying Nail colors.

Here’s my take

The latest addition has 4 different varieties; Matte, Wonder gel, Nail art  and Glitter. All of these have been packaged in the similar way. However, the name and shade number on top of the nail paint bottle is the differentiating factor.

One good thing about Colorbar nail paints is the brush.They always fit my nail area perfectly and glides smoothly over the surface of my nail. The new ones also rises up to my expectation. I tried 10 different shades and kept them on my nails for good number of days .The idea was to understand which one out of the lot remains intact for days after applying it.

Here’s my conclusion:

Matte nail lacquer: The matte nail paints by Colorbar have one of the best matte finish I have ever come across. It gives a really dry matte look to my nails but it tends to give faded look after couple of days.It is a must have for a matte nail paint lover.

Wonder gel : These ones are gel based and decently glossy to look at. The glossy finish of wonder gel looks nice but nothing extraordinary about it. Unlike most of the glossy/gel based nail paints, This one dries really quickly and that is super cool.

Shimmer : This one is like any other shimmer nail paints available in market. Although, the range of colors is quiet good but that doesn’t make this product stand out. The toughest part was to remove this nail paint out as the glitter was just not ready to leave my nails. Not too impressive!!!

Nail art : Well, I must say this one caught my attention. This lacquer even though to be applied like any regular nail paints, gives an impression of nail art. I think it is quiet cool to have nail art without really spending any extra buck for it. Also, it stayed on my nails for around 10 days and didn’t chip at all(Wow, I cant believe this ). Love it!

I guess you all must have got who gets my vote out of Colorbar’s latest nail lacquer collection. By the way I am dying to share my pictures from this event .

Picture time !!!
Common’sass ki baat: If drying up your nail paint seems like a task to you, You can wash your hands with cold water while the Nail paint is half dried. Cold water ensures the dryness of the nail paint super soon. And obviously, you can always use your hair dryer to dry up your nails (Use it from the distance. Hot air is not too good for your skin).

Which one is your favorite from these??? Let me know guys.

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